5 Pay-Per-Click Mistakes Costing Money

Advertisers are often buying pay-per-click ads because they only get to pay what has just been clicked. It means a lead has been generated before it is considered sold. However, having no leads or just a few leads does not make anyone happy. The time no one is clicking is chance taking long before happening. It’s like waiting too long before being able to present your pitch to a prospect. In traditional sales, if you have given a sales leaflet to 100 people, 10 will listen to your presentation and only 1 will finally buy. That means you need to reach 100 people to have 1 person buy. With PPC, the rate can be higher or much lower, depending on how good or bad your campaigns are. To make the rate high, the mistakes ought to be eliminated because they are only costing money.

Making your home page as the target url

One of the common mistakes in setting up your PPC campaign is to direct the traffic to your home page. Your home page does not even do the selling for you. It is merely an intro to other pages of your site. Instead, you should use the direct link to where possible customers can readily pay what you are selling.

Making your contact page as your target url

Just like the first mistake, using the contact page as the target url is another common error many PPC campaigners do. You cannot sell from your contact page. It might even disappoint the buyer and just leave instead. Your hot prospect has just turned cold.

Pay Per Click Mistakes In Order Of Importance

Pay Per Click Mistakes In Order Of Importance

Not split-testing your ads into several variations

Before executing your ads, you should have split-tested them first so that you can determine which ad composition attracts the most clickers even before you have to spend on your ads.

Using broad keywords

Broad keywords will only make your ads appear but they are so irrelevant that you only spent for the lead but no sale happens. Take time to be as specific as possible. In a way, you have paid for traffic instead.

Not using negative keywords

Negative keywords prevent your ads from appearing when they are searched for. You do not want people to go to your site when these keywords are searched because they are not relevant. Many fail to make use of this strength.

Focus on one traffic source at a time and set a budget for each round of testing.

Focus on one traffic source at a time and set a budget for each round of testing.

Pay-Per-Click is a way by which you can get prospects to buy your products or services. It is preferred by most because you only get to pay for every click regardless of the number of appearance your ad had in a particular space. Many are spending money, still, without getting the supposed result because of the mistakes that are commonly committed. Make them aright and you will improve.

5 Effective Ways to Avoid Outliving Your Savings

Would you agree that one of the major challenges brought about by retirement is making sure that money will last for a lifetime? This has been a major concern of many individuals, especially those who are in their retirement stage. It cannot be denied that money is essential after retirement because this will be a valuable weapon that promotes security and protection. Without money, it will be hard for individuals to survive since obviously, they are anymore working. It is for this reason that individuals must learn how to handle financial matters practically and properly.

The Reality about Savings

Individuals have the desire to have sufficient savings because this can give them the feeling of confidence and financial stability. Individuals also make sure that their savings are safe and secured so that it can sustain their needs for longest years. But the thing is individuals can only guess the number of years they will live and the rest is uncertain. They have to manage their savings and finances so that these will last until that unknown years. There are actually helpful ways to assure that money will still be coming in as long as you live.

Make Required Minimum Withdrawals from Retirement Savings Plans.

Make Required Minimum Withdrawals from Retirement Savings Plans.

5 Ways on How to Avoid Outliving Your Savings

Individuals who are in search for ways to avoid outliving their savings can cling to Social Security. Qualified individuals will surely never run out of money with social security. However, they must cut the standard of their living to be able to surpass payments in case their income sources are already exhausted. In order to boost payments for social security, one effective strategy most retirees take is making sure that they have an average of 35 years of covered income.

Pension is another way to avoid outliving your savings. This gives individuals the guarantee of having monthly source of income. In some cases, individuals are offered with lump-sum pay outs. They must know how to deal with such situation because some end up in spending their money quickly.

An annuity on the other hand allows individuals to hand their retirement savings to insurance companies and they are guaranteed for monthly payments in return. Payments will be given for the rest of your life and Annuity Company assures that money will last regardless of how long you live and this considered as lifetime guarantee.

People are living longer, so their retirement nest eggs have to last much longer.

People are living longer, so their retirement nest eggs have to last much longer.

Systematic withdrawal is another way to avoid outliving your savings because it allows individuals to withdraw their savings gradually to make it last until they live. The last possible way is paying your house; this eliminates the biggest bills expected every month. In such way, individuals are allowed to utilize their savings on other important expenses.

Smartphone Apps Promote Health, Making Weight Loss Easier

Over the past decades, cases involving obese adult and children have been remarkably elevating. What makes it alarming is the fact that children, even at a young age, are not an exemption. With the advent of technology, products such as food, machines, and gadgets are some of the things that children spend most of their time. Being into these activities make children more prone into obesity due to the fact that they intake foods without proper measurement and enough exercise.

Obesity and how it affects the obese person

Aside from the impact of obesity to the person and the society, like having the feeling of being a laughing stock or having an inferiority complex, it also carries high risks to the obese person’s health. Obesity may even lead to death. According to the study conducted by the National Cancer Institute (2012), obesity increases the risks of cancers of the esophagus, breast (postmenopausal), endometrium (the lining of the uterus), colon and rectum, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, gallbladder, and possibly other type of cancer. Obese people also get higher risks of coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a number of other chronic diseases.

Apps designed to promote physical activity and healthy eating should be easy to use and allow you to input your own goals or targets.

Apps designed to promote physical activity and healthy eating should be easy to use and allow you to input your own goals or targets.

Why invest to smartphone apps?

Due to the fact that obesity carries higher health risks, some people indulge themselves into activities, even bought technologies that help in monitoring their health. Nowadays, because of the rapidly changing demands of the economy, professional and unprofessional people usually find it hard to spare time measuring their food intake and monitoring their daily exercises activities. This is the prime reason why smartphone apps technologies that promote health making weight loss easier are created. Through these apps, monitoring the amount of food as well as the required time for exercise is made possible and easier. Some of the apps are even considered to be more effective compared to traditional dieting method.

Benefits of acquiring smartphone apps

Smartphone apps are useful in reminding people how much calories they have consumed and help in educating people on how to have a better understanding of portion sizes, nutritional content, and the effect of exercise. Some apps even help in measuring the amount of calories burn, physical activity, and sleep efficiency depending on the gadget’s specialization.

Bonnie Spring, lead investigator of the study and a professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, stated that apps are important because it helps people regulate their behavior, which is really hard to do. Moreover, he also added that investing into acquiring an app is useful because most of us do not have any idea of the right calories we should consume daily and how much physical activity we should get. Through smartphone apps, you will be given feedback that will help in making decisions for your health concerns.

"Now retailers understand smartphones have changed the way people shop. They are seeing customers use their phones in their shops"

“Now retailers understand smartphones have changed the way people shop. They are seeing customers use their phones in their shops”


Acquiring smartphone technology apps rely in your hand. If you want to stay healthy without spending too much time and effort, then it is possible through apps. These apps are more accessible and convenient for users. With the population of people who have smartphones, it’s just right to take advantage of what these technologies can bring especially if they promote healthy behaviors. Worry no more to shedding pounds and try the effective apps that surely make weight loss easier.

5 Reasons Why It Isn’t a Good Idea to Be Friends with Your Ex

It isn’t a great idea to remain friends with your ex after the breakup. It may initially sound like a good idea especially if you’re able to end the relationship properly. Later on, you’ll realize that it also has its consequences. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t remain friends with you ex and here are the top 5.

  1. There’s a chance you’ll remain single forever

Okay, this may be an overstatement. But you got to be honest to yourself. Remaining friends with your ex will prevent you from moving on and finding someone new. You’ll waste your time being with your ex and you may not even entertain the idea of dating someone else.

  1. Being friends with your ex may ruin your new relationship

Even if you say that you don’t feel anything towards your ex and it is pure friendship, you’ll have a hard time committing to the new person in your life. Dump your ex .The new person deserves a chance. Any relationship may have hard times at the start, and keeping your ex as a friend will only make things worse.

There's no end to published material aimed at stoking women's fears and anxieties about love and marriage

There’s no end to published material aimed at stoking women’s fears and anxieties about love and marriage

  1. You’re new partner may be filled with jealousy

Your new partner will not feel comfortable if your ex is always around. Even if you don’t want someone who is always jealous, you got to admit that it’s largely your fault. You have to stay away from your ex. You’re giving your partner a right to be jealous when you regularly spend time with your ex.

  1. Your ex will have a hard time moving on

It may not affect you, but you have to be fair to your ex. Don’t give him or her any reason to believe that you can still get back together. It’s important for the two of you to go your separate ways once you call it quits.

  1. You’ll still hook up even if there’s someone else you’re dating

If you still hang out with your ex, you may eventually think about hooking up one more time. And this can turn into a habit. If this continues, remember that it’s not going to end well. You have to bear in mind that there’s a good reason why you ended the relationship. You don’t want to break your heart once more.

Maximize on First date

Maximize on First date

Being friends with your ex isn’t always bad, but in most cases it does bring something negative. Also, it can cause you additional heartache. You’ve already had your fair share of heart troubles. It’s best that you stay away from your ex and give yourself time to move one. When you’re emotionally available, open your heart once again and find someone new. Always remember that staying close to your ex has a lot of consequences and it can even prevent you from being happy.

Top 5 Gadgets You Should Have Aside from Your Smartphone

Once you have a smartphone, you feel that you don’t need anything else. It seems that everything you’ll ever require is in your phone. It has all the features and apps for you to get by each day. But there are still a lot of gadgets out there, and some are just as important as your smartphone. Here are 5 gadgets you should also have:

  1. Personal Fitness Gadgets

Monitoring your heart rate and tracking your mileage is very important if you want to stay fit. You can measure your progress with the use of personal fitness gadgets. You’ll know what you have accomplished from running and other forms of exercises. A lot of these gadgets also allow you to sync to social media.

  1. Personal Hotspot

Although you can use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, a personal hotspot is still better. Your battery will be drained in no time if you use your phone as a hotspot. With a personal hotspot device, you can connect to the Internet using your tablet or laptop when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

Gadgets That Will Transform Your Home Into A Smart Home

  1. An intelligent fridge

Who said that gadgets have to be handy all the time? This intelligent fridge from Samsung may be hefty, but it is one thing you should consider having. The fridge isn’t like your ordinary refrigerator. It’s loaded with apps that allow you to multitask. You’ve already seen a fridge that has an LCD screen. But this one’s different. You can check the weather, check schedules on the calendar, and even access Evernote through the fridge’s LCD screen.

  1. The Lenovo Horizon Table PC

The Horizon Table PC is a great choice for anyone who’s tired of playing games on their desktops. The table PC isn’t just a gaming device, but its power is similar to that of a computer. It has a core i7 processor plus 8 GB RAM. It also has a high resolution multi-touch display. How about storage space? You’ll enjoy a whopping 1 terabyte of disk space when you have the Horizon Table PC. Truly impressive.

  1. The Lenovo Helix

Laptops may not be as popular today as they were two years ago, but they’re still pretty useful. With the Lenovo Helix, there’s nothing to complain about. The size (11.6 inch display) is just right. It has a powerful processor and an incredible screen resolution. It also offers multi-touch functionality plus 8 GB of RAM. What makes it better than other laptops on the market? You can rotate it 180 degrees.

As with any ThinkPad product, a large part of the appeal of the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is its build.

As with any ThinkPad product, a large part of the appeal of the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is its build.

Exciting gadgets are expected to come throughout 2013. So don’t just limit yourself to the smartphone. You might be missing something big when all you care about is your phone. Take the time to look around and see which gadgets you should have besides your smartphone.